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2013-12-10 - Summary
2013-09-09 - Tack till våra sponsorer, på Engelska!
2013-08-19 - Bilder!
2013-08-15 - Framme i Ulan Baatar!
2013-08-15 - Mongoliet, dag tre
2013-08-15 - Spännande körning i Mongoliet!
2013-08-15 - Mongoliet på riktigt! (Dag 30)
2013-08-15 - Fast vid gränsen...
2013-08-15 - Mongoliet! Nästan...
2013-08-15 - Genom Ryssland. Igen.
2013-08-05 - Hejdå Kazakstan! Hej Ryssland!
2013-08-05 - Goda nyheter och födelsedag!
2013-08-05 - Bilmeck, del två
2013-08-02 - Riktiga bilproblem...
2013-08-02 - Camping med publik
2013-08-02 - Bilmeck i Shymkent
2013-08-02 - Tillbaka till Kazakhstan!
2013-08-02 - Samarkand
2013-08-02 - Uzbekistan - Nukus och Bukhara
2013-07-29 - Mot Uzbekistan!
2013-07-29 - Kazakhstan del 2!
2013-07-29 - Kazakhstan del 1!
2013-07-24 - Vår automatiska karta!
2013-07-24 - Volgograd till Astrakhan
2013-07-24 - Ryssland - Volgograd!
2013-07-21 - Krim
2013-07-21 - Ukraina!
2013-07-18 - Rumänien, del 1
2013-07-16 - Mot Wien och Bratislava
2013-07-16 - Czechout!
2013-07-15 - Nurnberg
2013-07-14 - Start!
2013-07-12 - In Bruges!
2013-07-11 - Södra Danmark!
2013-07-10 - Sista stoppet i Sverige
2013-07-07 - Avresekalaset
2013-07-04 - Ett tack till våra sponsorer!
2013-07-04 - Engelsk sida
2013-06-28 - Dekalerna på plats!
2013-06-28 - Ny sponsor - Pwny!
2013-06-26 - Dekalerna på gång!
2013-06-24 - Nya sponsorer - Telemar och Office IT-partner Borås!
2013-06-22 - Möte med RunLock och provpackning!
2013-06-19 - Mot kallare klimat..
2013-06-16 - Ny blogg och ny startsida!
2013-06-14 - Test från mobilen
2013-06-12 - Uppdateringar!
2013-05-25 - Verktyg från Verktygsboden!
2013-05-21 - En hel massa däck!
2013-05-21 - Smart packlösning från HeckPack!
2013-05-15 - Extraljus och hasplåtar!
2013-02-22 - Ny sponsor - PCL Data
2013-01-08 - Radio P4
2012-12-22 - Första sponsorn - Bahnhof!
2012-11-09 - Borås Tidning

Hey everyone!
Its been a long time, but we finally have some great news to share with you.

Our cars have both been sold in Mongolia for a total of about 9,000,000 MNT (£3200 / $5200 / 34000 SEK)!

This means a profit after import fees, fixing up the cars and so on of about 950,000 MNT (£340 / $550 / 3600 SEK). The profits are handled by a non-profit organisation in Mongolia, and will go to charity.

We hope the new owners are happy with their awesome new cars! :)

We have also made our final charity payments to The Lotus Children Centre and Cool Earth. With help from all of you and our sponsors, we where able to give a total of £3200 ($5257 / 34394 SEK) to them!

That means that the total value we where able to give to charity (cars, profits and donations) ends up at a total of around £6700 ($11000 / 72000 SEK)!

HUGE thanks to all of you for all your help!

The Baatar World team

Av: Viktor - @ 2013-12-10 kl 11:25 -

We would like to take some of your time to give a huge thanks to our awesome sponsors. Without all of your help we would never have made it!

First off - a HUGE thank to all our economic sponsors. In no particular order: Bahnhof Internet, Runlock, PWNY, Netscale, Office IT-partner Borås, The 5th of July foundation, PCL Data, , Bowerbird and Json reklam. You have all helped us in so many ways that we cant even try to thank you enough. Your help made this trip possible!

Secondly - Runlock, who helped us by giving us a bunch of their awesome ropes. We only had to use the ropes for towing twice, since our cars didnt really break down that much, and we rarely got stuck. But we did hand over Runlock to other teams that used it to tow cars for several hundred kilometers. We heard stories of towing ropes and chains(!) breaking but nobody managed to break any of the Runlocks! They also helped with some less extreme tasks such as doubling as clothes lines and just generally keeping all our stuff tied down for 14 500 km!

We also need to say a big thanks to ProImp and Cooper Tires for helping us with their great tires. We got 6 new for each car, but that was far too many. Because of the awesomeness of the tires we didnt even get a single flat during our 14 572 km drive on asphalt, gravel, sand, over mountains, through deserts and rivers. Which means that we not only had perfect tires on both cars when we gave them away, but we also were able to hand over 4 spanking new tires to charity in Mongolia!

The satellite phone from Telemar made it possible for us to stay in touch with family, friends and mechanics, even from the remoteness of Mongolia. While we, thankfully, never really needed to use the phone for emergency reasons, it was great to know we could call our loved ones whenever we wanted to (and that we did)!

The packing solution from Heck-Pack made our journey a lot easier. Keeping our smelly jerrycans with fuel and tires out of the cars where awesome, and having the jerrycans easily accessible was great. And it looked really cool!

We got a great set of tools from Verktygsboden which was paramount in getting us through this rally. On the non-existing roads in Mongolia we used it almost daily to screw things back and fasten stuff that where shaking off!

Also big thanks to Vianor for fixing up our AC in the Clio - it was surely needed in the 48 degree Celsius heat in Uzbekistan! Also a big thanks to Gustaf E Borås for the roof box, we filled it to the brim with camping gear and it served us well!

And last but definitely not least, all of our family, friends and all of you guys who helped us by giving away your hard earned money to our charities, or supporting us in any other way, HUGE thanks to all of you!

We owe this adventure to all of you. And remember, if you still feel like you have a few extra pennies, it is not to late! Head over to our web page on and choose from any of the methods listed. 

And as always, you can find links and more details on our sponsors here (in Swedish)

Av: Viktor - @ 2013-09-09 kl 16:05 -

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"Imagine you're lost in a massive desert, hundreds of miles from civilisation, driving a car your granny would be embarrassed by. Then all of a sudden all your wheels fall off and the search for tools turns up a dirty sock and two dried apricots. That's the Mongol Rally - 10,000 miles of pure adventure over mountains, deserts and some of the most remote terrain on the planet."




"The Adventurists is run by The League of Adventurists International Ltd, a UK based company not just hell bent on fighting to make the world less boring but also raising massive buckets of cash for charities. We figure since we are rather fond of adventuring in the world we should do our bit to look after it."



cool earth

"Keeping rainforests standing is the first step in the fight against climate change. You can cut CO2 emissions today by protecting endangered forests with Cool Earth. With so many ways to get involved there's something to suit everyone."



Lotus Children

"Lotus Centre is home to 90 children, ages 3 to 20, and can look after up to 100 children at any one time. Lotus Centre aims to provide primary care to all of our children, including food, healthcare, clothing and accommodation. We also provide a quality education, counseling and serve as a safety net for both children and their families."