Vi startade i gryningen och redan vid lunchtid hade vi kommit bort.

(Google maps tycker att vi ska köra en ganska stor omväg i Uzbekistan via Turkmenistan. Det hade vi inte tänkt göra. Bara så att ni vet.)

Rutten som vi kommer att ta består av 21 länder, totalt cirka 1700 mil, och benämns i Mongol Rally-sammanhang ofta som The Central Route.

Vi kommer köra igenom följande länder (i ordning):

Sverige - Danmark - Tyskland - Belgien - Nederländerna - Frankrike - England - Frankrike - Belgien - Luxembourg - Tyskland - Tjeckien - Österrike - Slovakien - Ungern - Rumänien - Moldavien - Ukraina - Ryssland - Kazakhstan - Uzbekistan - Kirgizistan - Kazakhstan - Ryssland - Mongoliet

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"Imagine you're lost in a massive desert, hundreds of miles from civilisation, driving a car your granny would be embarrassed by. Then all of a sudden all your wheels fall off and the search for tools turns up a dirty sock and two dried apricots. That's the Mongol Rally - 10,000 miles of pure adventure over mountains, deserts and some of the most remote terrain on the planet."




"The Adventurists is run by The League of Adventurists International Ltd, a UK based company not just hell bent on fighting to make the world less boring but also raising massive buckets of cash for charities. We figure since we are rather fond of adventuring in the world we should do our bit to look after it."



cool earth

"Keeping rainforests standing is the first step in the fight against climate change. You can cut CO2 emissions today by protecting endangered forests with Cool Earth. With so many ways to get involved there's something to suit everyone."



Lotus Children

"Lotus Centre is home to 90 children, ages 3 to 20, and can look after up to 100 children at any one time. Lotus Centre aims to provide primary care to all of our children, including food, healthcare, clothing and accommodation. We also provide a quality education, counseling and serve as a safety net for both children and their families."